Live or Cooked?!?

After a month and a half in Maine leaf peeping, taking long walks, spending time with friends, and eating a good amount of lobster, I am back in Portland. Given I neglected to eat Maine lobster my last visit, I made sure to have it within the first few days this time around.  Now, being raised in Florida, I am used to fresh seafood. Of course, “fresh” meant it was always already cooked and plated up, so I am starting off this post with my first experience dealing with a live lobster.

Maine Live Lob-sta

Standing at the seafood counter with my friend, we asked for a lobster. What size? We looked at each other, dunno, what do you suggest?  Nothing more than 1.5 pounds, did you want that “live or cooked”?  We looked at each other; my friend asked if it would stink up the house, which he replied “somewhat”.  I really did not want to cook it, as I heard you could hear it squealing when it gets dunked into the water.  My friend told me to suck it up and throw it in headfirst.  After a short deliberation and given my friend does not like lobster to begin with, nor did she want her house smelling of it, we decided cooked would be best.

We watched him put his hand into the tank of live lobsters, pull one out to show us and then, (this is where I lost it a little), before we had a chance to walk away, he slams the little guy onto a tray, opens up the steamer door shoving him in at warp speed, then closes the door shut behind him hitting the button and sending him to his death. I just stood there like I just lost my best friend. That is not what I expected. I don’t know what I expected, but not that.  My friend looked at me and asked if I needed a tissue, with that I started to chuckle and just thought about how good it would taste.

Steamin' the lobster

I went back 15 minutes later and picked up my little guy. He was bagged up and waiting for me.  In the past, I have always enjoyed the meat either already out or de-shelled.  This time it was on me, so I decided to look on YouTube for how to best extract the meat.  I found that given the shell is so thin, the easiest way is to use a scissor to cut through it and a wine bottle to roll out the legs and smaller bits. Forget using those fancy tools where you have to struggle, using a scissor works like a charm and I highly recommend it!  I also indulged in lobster bisque, lobster stew and lobster rolls, and I can honestly say I have now satisfied my lobster fix.  And, just so you know, when it came to ordering my second cooked lobster, I handled it like a pro!

Cooked Maine Lob-sta

It was not all about stuffing my face with lobster.  I was also on a mission to see lighthouses.  I visited a few towns, Kennebunkport, Bar Harbor, Portland, Castine, Camden, Damariscotta and Friendship.  One lighthouse we visited was at Owls Head, which is known for being haunted. It was a cute lighthouse with a beautiful backdrop, but no ghosts.

Owls Head Lighthouse

I also visited to The Nubble Lighthouse a few times, and also where I stood freezing, watching the super moon rise, only to be disappointed because it became cloudy just as the moon had risen into view.


The other great part about Maine is the loads of antique stores. There are stores on every other block, a lot like Coffee places in Portland.  Given I am a minimalist, I never buy anything, but there were some photo ops.


I managed to arrive in Maine at the peak of the fall color.  The leaves were vibrant making leaf peeping positively beautiful!

Maine was a blast! I enjoyed leaf peeping, quality time with friends, exercising and researching for my upcoming trip, which was my intent.  Next stop will be celebrating the New Year in New Zealand, so until then…


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