Somewhere Down Under…

After working for seven months, I am off once again.  I worked at a realty management company in Vancouver, Washington.  I had the opportunity to meet and work with some great people, had an amazing boss, learned a lot and saved enough to escape the work world again for a period of time.  The end of my last adventure ended in York, Maine, and so shall once again be the start to this next one.

My last visit to Maine was about spending time with my incredible friends and helping them get their art and hair studio up and running.  This visit I plan on traveling around the state to enjoy the quaint towns, beautiful landscape and eating Maine lobster. Hopefully the Maine winter will takes its’ sweet time arriving this season and I can enjoy the remaining fall foliage.  I will be back in Portland late December for a short time and then off to New Zealand and Australia, celebrating my 50th somewhere down under.

Given my state of laziness over the past months and unlike my last trip around Europe, which was more geared towards history, this trip will be based on hiking, caving, sports, and things that keep me moving.  I will have a friend or two joining me along the way, and will meet up with others I have met over the years while traveling.  Fortunately for me, my friend Karina, who’s hometown is Perth, Australia will be taking a break from renovating Chateau du Gudanes in the south of France, which was a highlight of my Europe trip, and I am thrilled to be spending time with her once again!

I have spoken to many people who have traveled to both countries to get input and open to suggestions!  Lastly, a big shout out to my friend Andrew for setting me up with great travel books on New Zealand and Australia!

Hopefully you will join me for the fun ahead.

8 thoughts on “Somewhere Down Under…

  1. We have made friends during our Philippines living with people from both amazing countries and we visited AU (NZ is on our list, but for another time).

    You will love it (we didn’t get as far as Perth), but learn how to dive for the great barrier reef and be sure to get to Ayres Rock. Sydney is a must of course, walking the Harbor Bridge.

    Much more that I’m sure you’ll do, the people are terrific as well. Keep on blogging!

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