Planes, Trains and…

As there are blogs that share the ins and outs of taking trains, trams and give directions on how to get somewhere, this post is certainly not one of them. Instead, this blog post is what NOT TO do. Yes, I will admit it, I am NOT the person to be with when you are lost, because I will no doubt jack us up even more. Needless to say, my sense of direction is definitely NOT one of my strong points.

Planes… they are easy. Easy to get to an airport, go through security, boarding, (although I could share a few stories of other passengers that don’t appear to find it so easy), however, I will not devote this blog post to those that are flying-etiquette-challenged.

Trains… now that is a different story. I did not grow up taking trains, and even though I have traveled on them a fair amount, I STILL at 48, (yes, I have no shame in mentioning my age), have issues either picking up the ticket I already purchased at the station, buying a ticket, reading the ticket or finding the platform. First off, and this is just my personal opinion, there is just too much information on the ticket to begin with, and it is not clear (to me, anyway), where I am supposed to go to catch the train, no matter what language it is in. I would be happy to design train tickets that more clearly describe how to find your train, your platform and your seat to help those less fortunate to understand the current tickets.

That being said, I have had the worst luck for taking trains. Now, granted, this poor luck is self-inflicted, for the most part, still, the worst nonetheless! There was the time in Barcelona where we “thought” we were getting on the train to the airport, but instead, went completely in the wrong direction. I felt that something was not right, but instead of following my gut and jumping off, I sat there, sweating, until we saw the airport come into view and then fade away into the distance. I will spare you the details, but we missed the flight and both paid $600 each to get home the next day. I will also spare you the story of missing our transfer while traveling by train through Morocco. This is because I just want to block that from memory completely.

I won’t say much on trams, except they are, to me, about as easy to figure out as trains, but on a different level. Of course, that being said, I have never had to pay $600 for a missed tram. For some reason I can laugh about that experience now. Okay, enough about logistics.

After leaving Prague, I spent a couple days visiting my friends in Paris. It was, needless to say, perfect and just what I needed after spending a month in Prague in less than 1-star accommodations, during my course. I was immediately treated to warm slippers, fabulous French red wine and desserts. I was in my own version of heaven. We spent the day walking around, eating and drinking our way through several arrondissements, and I am now visiting friends in Annemasse, France and areas in Switzerland. French and Swiss wine, cheese, and slippers are mandatory. After, I plan to visit Chateau de Gudanes, the French Chateau currently being renovated, after being purchased by a family in Australia. I will also visit cousins in Brittney, France, and after that, I am not sure where I will be, so you will need to keep following my blog to find out. When I know… you will know, which is why this is an adventure!

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