I’ve fallen head over heels…

No… not with a guy, but with a bakery that has the best baguettes and desserts. My classmate, (Becca #2 and I went for a five-hour walk around Prague our first weekend here. We came across Paul, and I fell instantly in love. Let’s just say, I am finally in a committed relationship, of sorts, while in Prague.

And now onto the less important stuff; architecture, Czech food & beer, the Czech culture, and oh yes, how my course is going after week one…

I spent the first weekend roaming around the city. Prague is more beautiful than I imagined, and I find it even more breathtaking at night. The buildings and bridges are lit in their entire splendor, with the Neo-Gothic, Gothic, Romanesque, and Renaissance spires and domes, curved cupolas, intricate portals, and gates of churches, landmarks, and various towers, and the cobblestone streets complete this fairy-tale city to make it picturesque at every turn.

Prague is made up of 10 Districts. While I attend this course, I live in District 9, Vysočanská. I compare this to District 12 in the Hunger Games. It is more of a “functional” part of the city, not the most beautiful, yet, the grocery store, pubs, the school and metro are all a five-minute walk, so therefore, it works for now. I have included the view from my window below, (notice the industrial smokestack).

The Czech food is quite good, although I don’t love that people can smoke cigarettes in restaurants. The Czech people do love their meats and dumplings, so if you are looking for a traditional Czech meal, your lunch and dinner will be comprised of exactly that. I have never been much of a beer drinker, yet, I have started to enjoy them more, even the dark beers. There are plenty to choose from and at $1 USD/45 Czech Koruna, how can you go wrong?!?

Lastly, and the reason I am here, my TEFL course. The first week is now completed and the course is everything I expected. It is exercising my brain, which was necessary, and I am learning a lot! Learning the Czech language is quite the challenge, and I have already picked up many words and phrases and hope to continue learning as I go. One word specifically is “prosím”, which stands for “please” in Czech and in the US, it is a polite way to get around someone or get their attention, however, if you are standing on the left side of the escalators coming or going to the metro, this word takes on an entirely different meaning. Basically, the Czech people are telling you to get the _ _ _ _ out of their way… haha. Fortunately, one of my flatmates is Czech and made us aware of this before any of us had the chance to get trampled, which does happen.

That’s it for now, gotta get my study on before heading out with my clan.


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